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Meet Kirsten.

Lover of Puns.

Also, Marketing & Branding Guru

Hi, I’m Kirsten!

I’m a marketer and creative who’s passionate about helping small businesses find innovative solutions to grow and communicate with their target audience. After a corporate career in public relations, sales, and marketing, friends and acquaintances would often reach out for marketing and branding help for their businesses. From there, Kirsten Phelps Creative was born.


While there's always a new platform, app, or creative idea to chase for the next marketing campaign, I quickly learned a constant pressure many business owners face - how does someone become a marketing expert in their industry WHILE running a business? I began partnering with businesses to provide marketing, branding, and business development support so they can focus on the important stuff. After helping many companies define their marketing strategies and create smart, engaging campaigns as a consultant, Kirsten Phelps Creative has grown into a smart solution for businesses to grow and form a presence in their target market.


Before Kirsten Phelps Creative, I received my Bachelor of Arts from Florida State University with dual degrees in Media Communication Studies and Sports Management. After nearly a decade spent working at public relations agencies and in-house at a lifestyle brand and manufacturer,  I've worked with national brands including PGA Tour, Marriott, Flowers Foods and Pilot Pen, and also executed marketing campaigns with customers such as Dillards, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and hundreds of boutiques throughout the US. Now, when I’m not writing, meeting with clients, or working from the nearest coffee shop, I enjoy spending time traveling and exploring with my crew - Kyle, Savanna, Sienna, and Cal. 


Enough about me. Now let's get to work!

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