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Smart branding & marketing solutions for your business.

Meet Kirsten.

Marketing & Branding Guru

After years of working in corporate branding, marketing, and public relations, and looking ahead to what was to be a promising marketing career, it was the constant conversations with friends and business owners that changed the course. 


With a fondness for discussing clever quips and products along with a curiosity to learn new markets and subjects, I was quick to say yes when friends asked for help with their businesses' marketing, branding, and business development. What initially started as favors to friends over coffee and lunch, quickly helped me discover a consistent pain point for many businesses today. How does a business owner determine the correct marketing tools, campaigns, or ideas for their business when they simply don't have adequate time or resources?


I took on my first clients to help to take the weight off businesses trying to figure out every post, promotion, positioning, platform, and page that would help reach their target audience. Since then, Kirsten Phelps Creative has grown to supplement many businesses with their marketing, branding, and business development needs. With a mission to partner with businesses to define their marketing strategies and create engaging and creative solutions for them as a consultant, Kirsten Phelps Creative has proven to be a smart solution to help businesses make a name for themselves in their target market.



Specializing In...

Tailored B2B Solutions for Businesses

Branding & Design

Content Development

Business Development Solutions for Businesses

Endlessly curious and always looking for a pun, I’m a marketer and entrepreneur who’s passionate about helping business owners find creative solutions to grow and reach their goals. After a career in public relations, branding, sales, and marketing, business owners and companies would often approach me with questions about new marketing platforms, or seeking advice for marketing their businesses. From there, Kirsten Phelps Creative was born.

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